altGDC is happening!


altGDC is a free mostly-virtual conference about game design and development during the week that other conference was supposed to be running.

We’ll be providing a speaking track for GDC speakers (and others!) to give their talks as planned, as well as a space to network, learn, and commiserate on the games industry.

Our goals are twofold:

  1. Provide a space for the indie game community to share knowledge, network, and hang out in a friendly, welcoming social setting.

  2. Live-stream and record talks so that GDC speakers can still reach their audience, and their audience can still benefit from their insights.

You may have heard that we were previously planning to throw an in-person conference in San Francisco. The continued industry response to COVID-19 has made our original plan, to host about 150 of you amazing people in San Francisco, difficult. Here’s what our current plan is:

While this isn’t everything that we originally hoped for, we’re still committed to hosting the best event we can, and we hope you’ll join us.

Please use the forms below if you’re interested in learning more, and you can also follow us at @altGDConf for general updates.

If you’re interested in ATTENDING, sign up for our mailing list.

If you’re interested in SPEAKING, fill out our speaker submission form.

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Who’s putting this thing on?

Right now, the organizing team is Em Lazer-Walker, Andrew Cedotal, Phildini James, and Ben McGraw. Between them they have decades of experience in the games industry, and nearly that much experience putting on conferences. Em and Philip are also two of the core organizers of the Roguelike Celebration conference.

Is this affiliated with the conference that got moved?

No, we’re doing this on our own, for the community of folks that will still be here during that week.

Do you have a Code of Conduct?

We’re so glad you asked! We are very dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming safe space for all. You can read our code of conduct here

This doesn’t exactly sound like my jam, what else should I check out?

Isn’t it dangerous to do this, what with the COVID-19 thing?

The way things stand on the ground in San Francisco today, we still think this is doable in a safe way. We will take all the precautions we can with the event, and if the situation in SF gets to the point where they’re advising people to stay in their homes, we will adjust our plans accordingly. We can’t guarantee this will happen, but we’re going to try hard to make it happen.

To reiterate: this is an event intended to make the best of an unfortunate situation. Do not plan to attend if:

If in doubt, please check in with your doctor. We hope you’ll make the decision that is best not just for you, but for your home community and the community here in San Francisco.